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Love is an Action. Love is the Answer. Love is the Movement.

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Nneka // Heartbeat (Chase & Status remix)

Download her amazing mixtape with J.Period

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MF DOOM // My Favorite Ladies (KMD Remix)

This is dedicated to my favorite ladies on tumblr.

Color  My Soul

Angie Days

A Beautiful Mind

Brown Skin Lady






Bitches (DELI)GHT.

Kush n Starbucks


Thanks for being the amazing woman that you are.

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Nina Simone- Funkier than a mosquito’s tweeter (jazzeem’s all styles remix)

Nina Simone is probably in my top 3 female singers, she had so much power in her music.  This is a dope track from a whole album of Nina Simone remixes called ‘Remixed & Re-imagined.  At 4:20 mark of the song it breaks into 15 seconds of a dirty south type beat and it sounds like Nina is spitting fyre on the track.  It is fucking dope, you gotta hear it!

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Notorious B.I.G.- What’s Beef (March 9th Remix) f. Mos Def

I just wrote a huge thing on beef in hip-hop and then firefox crashed on me, erasing it all. FUCK! I’m gonna write it up again… but later.  Enjoy this song for now.

Stop the violence in Hip-Hop!

R.I.P. Christopher Wallace

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Pharcyde- Y (Be Like That)(Jay Dee Remix)

This is from an amazing Jay Dee album of remixes called, A.K.A. J. Yancey.  Everyone should have this album in their collection.  This is one of the songs from the album that i played all last spring and summer

Black Thought ft. Little Brother - Don’t Say Nuthin’ (Soulmind Remix)

Link: Soulmind, DJ/Producer (Berlin, Germany) Exclusive tracks, remixes, promos, snippets and podcasts of the Lyrical Revolution mixtape (hosted by Jean Grae).

Atmosphere - Travel (remix)

Whenever i am on the road i listen to Atmosphere more than anyone else.  I relate to Slug’s lyrics so strongly that the music feels like a soundtrack that is made just for my life..

Black Thought feat. Little Brother - Don’t Say Nuthin’ (Soulmind Remix) (Produced By Flo Futur)

I love the interwebs because without it I probably would have never heard this amazing remix..

You need to add this to your library.. Seriously!

Roots Manuva-Dreamy Days [MJ Cole London Dub]

The original is one of my favorite songs, but this dub remix that I just came across is definitely worth a listen..

Jean Grae- Love Thirst ft Busta Rhymes (Remix)

We’ll slow dance till tango’n gets horizontal
I know you go longer then flows with no comma
I’m high on ya
You like it don’t ya
To survive by just biting on ya
Like the high note
Nibble just a little bit
Everything I’m thinking your already delivering it
Pleasure unheard
You ain’t even done first
When I done burst crazy
I’m in love thirst
You are the quencher
Maybe we should be taping so you could remember..

-Jean Grae

This song is lyrical sex..

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Don’t Cha Know (Erykah Badu-Soulquarian Remix) // From Jay Dee AKA J. Yancey

Morning Jam C/O Canada

(via ohwurrd)

Exile - Your Summer Song (Remix Ft. J. Mitchell)

The remix of “Your Summer Song” features J Mitchell on vocals, and is part of Exile’s Radio Remix project.

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The Narcicyst- Donita Havabomb (ATCQ Remix)

Saw Narcy perform this live at a Native Tongues revival show in Montreal last August.

Abstract Rude- Nuff Fire (Remix Video)

w/ Vitamin D, Irie, Zulu, Myka 9 & Chali 2na

Haven’t done a 420 post in a while, so here it is.  Don’t forget to Puff, Puff, Pass to the left hand side..