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Sabac- Fight Until The End feat. Immortal Technique


What more can i say?

Clashes as youths and police scuffle on teen death anniversary (Greece)

Youths hurled rocks and petrol bombs at police during clashes at a student rally marking two years since the fatal police shooting of a teenage boy that sparked Greece’s worst riots in decades. Sporadic clashes lasting more than two hours occurred in several parts of central Athens after 2,500 people marched to parliament to commemorate the death of 15-year-old.

Are we becoming a police state? Five things that have civil liberties advocates nervous.

Is our Constitution under siege?

Many civil liberties advocates fear it might be. They’re worried about a provision tucked into the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, approved by the Senate last week, that would allow the military to detain without a trial any American citizen accused of being a terrorist, or of supporting terrorists who plot attacks against the United States. The ACLU called the proposal “an extreme position that will forever change our country.”

The indefinite detention provision is just one of many trends in policing and law enforcement that have civil liberties advocates alarmed. New external threats, as well as technological advancements, are posing new challenges to our Constitutional rights, advocates say. Policymakers are debating those issues in Congress and in the courts right now, and the decisions they make could have fundamental consequences for what it means to be an American.

Here are five issues that are especially worrisome to civil liberties watchdogs:

1. Indefinite military detentions of U.S. citizens

2. Targeting U.S. citizens for killing

3. Arresting witnesses for recording police actions

4. Using GPS to track your every move

5. Surveillance drones spying on American soil

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yantarettaulo said: read this a while back…apropos to your end points:… 0_o

This is some scary news for Americans, but to look at it on the bright side it shows that the powers that be are getting scared as they begin to see the people rising up.