Books I read this year..

Every year my reading takes a certain rhythm.  I will go through periods of just reading once in a while, then not reading anything for months, usually while I am traveling, and then in the fall I usually get really heavy into reading. 

1. Wade Davis - Light At The Edge of the World: A Journey Through the Realm of Vanishing Cultures
2. Riley Martin - The Coming of Tan (first edition)
3. Bernard Lievegoed - The Battle for the Soul: The Working Together of Three Great Leaders of Humanity
4. Jon Krakauer - Into The Wild
5. Tom Wolfe - The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
6. A.R. Torsone - Herb Trader: A tale of treachery and espionage in the global marijuana trade
7. James Redfield - The Celestine Prophesy
8. Paolo Coelho - The Alchemist
9. Rudolf Steiner - Nine Lectures on Bees
10. Hunter S. Thompson - The Great Shark Hunt: Gonzo Papers Vol. 1: Strange Tales From A Strange Time
11. Rudolf Steiner - The Younger Generation: Education and Spiritual Impulses for Life in the Twentieth Century
12. Hermann Hesse - Journey to the East
13. James Baldwin - Going to Meet the Man (a collection of short fiction)
14. Hermann Hesse - Siddhartha
15. John Steinbeck - Cannery Row
16. Kurt Vonnegut - Breakfast of Champions
17. Ayn Rand - Anthem
18. Chinua Achebe - Things Fall Apart
19. Henry David Thorough - Civil Disobedience - Walking - Life Without Principle
20. Hunter S. Thompson - Generation of Swine: Gonzo Papers Vol.2: Tales of Shame and Degradation in the 80’s
21. James Baldwin - Nobody Knows My Name (More notes of a native son)
22. Hermann Hesse - Steppenwolf
23. Maya Angelou - The Heart of a Woman
24. Bernard Lievegoed - The Eye of the Needle: His life and working encounter with anthroposophy
25. Naomi Klein - The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
26. Maya Angelou - I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
27. Naomi Klein - No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies
28. EF Schumacher - Small is Beautiful: a study of economics as if people mattered
29. Rudolf Steiner - Preparing for the Sixth Epoch
30.  Wade Davis - The Wayfinders: Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in the Modern World
31. George Orwell - Animal Farm
32. Neil Gunn - The Green Isle of the Great Deep
33.  Wade Davis - The Serpent & the Rainbow: A Harvard Scientist’s Astonishing Journey into the Secret Society of Haitian Voodoo, Zombis and Magic
34. Erik Berrevoets - Wisdom of the Bees: principles for biodynamic beekeeping
35. T.H. Meyer - Clairvoyance and Consciousness: The Tao Impulse in Evolution

I’ve still got a whole list of books to read but it can always get bigger, what would you recommend adding to my reading list?

shmokeganja said: oh how sick. i read into the wild this year too :) right now i’m starting kafka’s metamorphosis . recommendation for your list. and i def want to check out some of your books this year. thanks for the list.

timetravelingg said: The Alchemist is amazing. You might like books from Khaled Hosseini.